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Dr. Nancy K. Lonsdorf always appreciates feedback from her valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 26 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Consulting with Dr. Lonsdorf helped me to establish a total and complete level of balance. I am extremely grateful. I look forward to her health guidance for future maintenance!
Krystle L.
Those who would see Dr. Lonsdorf likely have chronic and challenging health conditions. Her deep knowledge of Ayurveda, training as a Western physician, patient and methodical approach, and willingness to travel alongside in the healing journey, provides a powerful tool set to support those under her care in advancing their fullest health and well-being possible.
Marite H.
Dear Dr. Lonsdorf, Thank you so much for setting me on the path to optimum health. I followed the 3-week rejuvenation plan and when that was completed, I have been living by the recommendations you made for me. I have felt amazing changes in my body. No longer do I experience heartburn; I have lost over 20 lbs. and gone down 2 dress sizes, and at my bi-annual liver-lipid test (which came 30 days after starting this new life/eating style) my total cholesterol went from 211 to 130!!!! What I have just mentioned is an incredible result, but what I feel greatest about is how I feel. My over-all feeling is that all of my systems are working in harmony and that I am totally integrated with my body for the first time. I feel so good and yet unaware of my body anymore…it just is.
E W.
I am so grateful to have had so much of your incredible healing attention. You are able to really focus all of your attention on the person asking for your help. I feel like I have a much better understanding of what’s going on in my body. Thank you again. I feel so much more confident.
T G.
Thank you for your time and tenderness. You are the best!! You are truly amazing and my husband and I feel so fortunate to be able to see you. Thanks!
T M.
I am doing remarkably well, both physically and emotionally. I know this is due to your good care and my August PK. The spiced water got rid of my migraines and insomnia within a few days of starting drinking it regularly a year ago.
M J.
It was nice seeing you and I enjoyed the great consult! You are so very, very good and I really appreciate the great care as always. Cheers,
J G.
Thank you to Nancy Lonsdorf who was my first Ayurvedic doctor when some physicians questioned my fertility. Your wise water is powerful stuff. I believe Avery (my daughter) is here in part because of your recipe for health.
K D.
My wife suffered for several years with allergies before she saw Nancy. Her allergy doctors gave injections that used to make her light skin swell up and caused unbearable irritation while providing (only) temporary relief from allergies. My wife’s allergies went away by the treatments that Nancy prescribed in the early 90s and the allergies never came back to her.
D D.
Thank you so much…. I have a special place in my heart for you and great appreciation of the compassion, kindness, and guidance you shared with me during a very difficult time in my life. All love to you,
L M.
You may remember that some months back we e-mailed about some atypical cells on a pap smear. I did what you told me, OF COURSE, and increased my nectar tablets to two twice a day and began taking the folic acid. The great news is that everything came back fine. Yahoo!!! Thanks so much!
A W.
P.S. About “micromanaging” your patients…. Dear Dr. Nancy, you don’t micromanage anyone. You stand beside us in a time and place when we are going through chaos when we are being reborn. You help us manage the “whole”, in a time period where most conventional doctors are just rolling up their sleeves like car mechanics to fix the isolated and specific damage under the hood. (Surely, there can’t be anything more.) I for one an deeply grateful that you are on my team and that you carry a flashlight with a broader beam than I have ever imagined, but now know to be true.
G C.
Dear Dr. Nancy, Your book was truly the turning point-I was given it when I needed it most! With much gratitude to you for your knowledge. May life be all fullness
A B.
I lost about 10 pounds (156 down to 146) and I am feeling lighter. My blood pressure has gone down as well and I certainly feel a sense of calmness I have never experienced before. [Several months later:] All is going well. I’m now 20 pounds lighter and am seeing reactions in people’s faces, I think it's jealousy. I make them uncomfortable. A woman in my WW class told me it’s only going to get worse. Oh Boy!!! I am thrilled to have lost the weight. I love my current choices of food-I just have to eat them and on time. If I get lost in my research and forget to eat, I feel it. It’s been an education.
S T.
My headache is gone today. I will continue with your recommendation. Of course, I felt very good after talking with you the other day, you really understood what was happening to me. I felt like I could open up and was talking to a friend, I like how you keep asking questions to go to the root of the problem and suggested practical things that I could apply in my life! Thanks so much again for a great consultation!
C T.
I feel very fortunate to have Dr. Lonsdorf as my primary health care practitioner as she is the rare combination of highly skilled preventative care as well as traditional medical expertise. She is so skilled with the Ayurvedic pulse assessment that she surprises me how accurately she can tune into my physiology [all the way from emotions down to toxins in the bone marrow]! Then with her vast knowledge and experience, she knows how to prescribe a program to correct those underlying imbalances in a comfortable, natural way. And if needed, the medical background is there to suggest appropriate tests. After completing some needed rejuvenating regimens Dr. Lonsdorf gave me to avert some potential disease, people spontaneously started telling me how young I looked. To me, that was a good sign I was on the right track for total health. And the nice part of all this is Dr. Lonsdorf connects to you in a committed, caring way. When I leave a consult with her, I feel like I have been given the exact right thing for me to follow at that time which is healing in and of itself. It’s such a relief to have health care I can trust.
J G.
First, I must thank you. I’m into week 3 of the pitta rejuvenation diet and not only do I feel much better (both my IBS and asthma) but my skin is less red and I have more energy than I had before starting on it. Also, is there anyone locally that you would recommend? I want to keep this good feeling going.
J C.
I have a very good report on my new daily routine that you prescribed for me. After completing a week on this new regimen, I seem to have more energy, stamina, hunger, AND more enjoyment of food! It seems that a transformation is happening! And I owe it all to you! I thank you so much for your consultation with me! I thank you again for your thorough and individualized recommendations. when I arrived home I felt very empowered with your recommendation. I thank you again. I will stay in touch.
A F.
I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and had three extremely painful cyst ruptures within 18 months. I also developed severe PMS symptoms including mood swings, bloating, nausea, migraine, and cramping. Within a month after my consultation with Dr. Lonsdorf, my PMS symptoms almost disappeared. I never had another occurrence of a cyst rupture, and my overall health has improved. While other doctors concluded that there is no cure for my condition, Dr. Lonsdorf was able to attend to my problem and resolve it in a very holistic way. I feel more healthy, energetic, and capable of sustaining a balanced lifestyle and diet.
N C.
Dr. Nancy raises the bar for competence, compassion and caring. She completely embodies a highly realized human being—her consciousness really moves me. Her training, experience, and skill are very special and her work is life transforming.
R S.
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