Health Coaching

Nancy K. Lonsdorf, MD -  - Integrative Medicine Doctor

Nancy K. Lonsdorf, MD

Integrative Medicine Doctor located in Fairfield, IA & San Diego, CA

Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf is a highly sought after health coach for her individualized care, accessibility, and unique insights into the application of integrative and ayurvedic medical practices. Dr. Lonsdorf sees patients in her Fairfield, IA, office, and also regularly conducts phone and video call consultations with patients across the world.

Health Coaching

Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, MD, offers Coaching for Mind-Body Balance for highly motivated clients who desire a fundamental shift in their emotional and physical well-being. These coaching sessions can be in-person at her office in Fairfield, IA, or scheduled for phone or video call conferences.

This individualized coaching approach facilitates resolution of underlying issues in relationships, career. family matters and other life stressors that contribute to many chronic health conditions. Coaching for Mind-Body Balance is results-oriented and designed to bring benefits in the relatively short time-frame of days rather than weeks or months.

Dr. Lonsdorf is a highly sought after and acclaimed health coach, speaker, and author in the field of integrative and ayurvedic medicine. For more information, please contact us.