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Do you want to be healthy? To be radiantly beautiful? Of course, we all do! And the secret is, you already are. Just as inside every chrysalis is a butterfly, so inside every one of us is our essential nature in perfection. Perfect balance is our nature and we cannot escape our own nature, we can only temporarily take a detour.

I’ve developed the unique, self-healing Radiant You program to help you become truly healthy. Rather than simply chasing symptoms with drugs, the Radiant You program supports your body to heal itself from within and express its innate wisdom and vitality more fully.

By aligning yourself and your daily life with the flow of nature inside and outside of your body—made easy by the ageless wisdom of Maharishi Ayurveda™ that informs this program—you will begin to enliven your body’s innate healing response and find yourself becoming healthier, glowing and radiantly beautiful.

To be truly healthy is to be beautiful and radiant, as true health radiates clarity, light and beauty from within. When your body is truly healthy, your eyes are clear and luminous, your skin radiates a subtle light, your hair is softer and shinier, and you feel a natural invigoration. You are naturally, vibrantly attractive.

The Radiant You program is designed to help you begin to experience a depth and ease of health you may recall only from a very young age, a long time ago. It’s time to recapture your birthright and begin to experience the essence of radiant health and beauty—wholeness, balance, vitality and bliss.

Ready for this kind of transformation NOW?

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My Stress Type Quiz My Digestive Type Quiz

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What Our Clients Say:

“I generally feel great and noticed great improvement within 2 weeks of implementing the recommendations. I feel strong and energetic and usually am unaware of how old I am. I have more physical strength and endurance, my balance is much better, flexibility is good, joints are good. I am feeling much, much better.” - M.E., scientist, California

The Two Secret Keys to Unlock Your Inner Health, Happiness and Beauty

"Happiness for me is largely a matter of digestion." - Lin Yutang

Unveiling the Radiant You relies on two key factors — banishing stress and optimizing your digestion. According to Ayurveda, how we digest and metabolize both our food and our subjective experiences are both key factors in our long-term health, happiness and longevity.

In my own practice with over 20,000 patients in 25 years, I have seen this ancient principle verified day after day, over and over again. They start this program and are reporting great results within just week or two, and often within a few days. Digestion and stress are simply the two most essential, transformative areas of health. Address these first, and everything else heals from there.

What Does Bliss Got to Do with It?

When we “metabolize” both our food and our experiences to bliss, Ayurveda says, our minds and bodies become virtually invincible. We produce a substance called ojas, the finest product of healthy digestion and the material correlate of bliss. Ojas is the most revered bodily substance in Ayurveda, as it supports every aspect of health and beauty, bestowing a sparkle to the eyes, a healthy glow to the skin, boundless, stable energy and immunity to all our cells.

Now what happens when we do not digest and metabolize our food and experiences well? Then our bodies do not make ojas, but ama, instead—a bodily residue or waste that promotes disease by blocking our innumerable circulatory channels. Ama in our minds and hearts likewise creates unresolved emotional blocks and stresses—all of which banish our bliss and weaken our body’s healing intelligence.

“A good digestion turneth all to health.” - George Herbert

How the Radiant You Program Works: (It’s easy!)

Given that health and happiness relies on optimal digestion and stress relief, the Radiant You Self-healing Program is designed to help you heal your digestion and your stress through discovering your Ayurvedic digestive and stress “type,” and then receiving personalized guidance in the form of lifestyle tips, healing foods, spices, and herbal supplement recommendations specific to your needs.

For best results, I recommend that you follow the guidelines for a minimum of 3 weeks, and continue what you find most helpful to maintain your benefits for the long run. Ready to rev up your radiance? Start with this simple quiz and discover your specific Digestive Type.

After 3 weeks, you’ll automatically be guided to take the next quiz (to discover your mind/body Stress Type) and start the process again to gain a whole new set of benefits in another area of your health. It’s that simple! And all this guidance and support is offered to you for free. 

Even More for You!

In addition to your FREE personalized recommendations, you’ll also receive:

  • Diet and lifestyle information specific to your Digestive Type.
  • A Healing Meal Plan for All Imbalances to guide you in keeping your whole family healthy.
  • 10% off your first order of any herbal food supplement recommended in the Radiant You Self-Healing Program. (Note: new customers to the MAPI herb company only.)

And, you’ll have access to:

  • A comprehensive Rejuvenation Diet Plan that’s specifically designed for your mind/body type.
  • A content-rich, interactive workbook and manual—the Radiant You™ Self-Healing Guide—83 pages of detailed, easy-to-assimilate knowledge that will answer all your “why’s” and “how’s” and help you fully benefit and engage in the program.

Find out Your Digestive Type and Get Your Personalized Tips here >

Join the FREE Radiant You program and begin feeling better and start to glow in just the next few days!

Step One –

Take the First Quiz to Optimize Your Digestion and Metabolism and Start Looking Radiant!

Optimizing your digestion and metabolism is easy with Ayurveda, because the formula for ideal digestion and metabolism lies right in your daily diet and eating habits, including specific foods, diet and drinks that are especially balancing for your Digestive Type.

Click here to discover your Digestive Type. We’ll tell you about your type and send you tips specific to your needs (spread out over the coming days, so it’s easy to integrate!)– including healing foods, spices, and herbal food supplements for ideal digestion and metabolism.

You deserve to be Radiant, (I really mean that!) and it’s so simple! Get started now, and feel healthier and start looking more radiant right away.

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