Balancing Herbs for Earthy Stress Type


(Kapha Type)

NOTE: All comments below are based on the personal opinion and clinical experience of Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf and are intended to balance normal physiological function. Results  vary by individual. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical or mental health condition or are taking medication, consult your doctor before using these products.

Blissful Joy™

Uplift Your Mood and Emotions with Blissful Joy!™

Blissful Joy™ is designed to uplift the emotions, alleviate emotional stress and stimulate the metabolism. It has a gently elevating effect and is best combined with additional kapha-busting approaches such as physical exercise and a light, properly-spiced* diet of cooked vegetables, legumes (dried beans, peas and lentils), nuts, seeds and fruits.

Dosage: Take one tablet twice a day for gentle mood elevation or two tablets twice a day for a stronger effect.

Potential Considerations: If you have a tendency for heartburn or are sensitive to heating herbs or foods, (i.e. get heartburn or hot flashes easily,) take after meals or try Stress Free Emotions™ instead of Blissful Joy™.

Blissful Heart™ Aroma

Aromatherapy to Crack Kapha Stress

Another great balancer for you is aromatherapy such as peppermint or pine oil, as smell and taste are very intimate to kapha dosha and are an especially powerful way to stimulate your sluggish system. Use Blissful Heart™ Aroma while you sleep or during the day to keep the blues away.

NOTE: If you suffer from persistent or severe depression, it is important to get proper treatment with a licensed health professional.

Kapha Tea™

This tea is designed to counteract dullness and lethargy, by giving supporting energy, digestive power and mental clarity.  Especially good to drink after meals and whenever your energy is flagging.

Kapha Churna™

(i.e. a spice blend or seasoning)

Sprinkle this stimulating spice mixture in your soup, on your sandwich or use in your cooking at home for a quick lift, a livelier palate and faster, lighter digestion after the meal. A great way to stimulate energy and uplift your senses while at the same time packing immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory spices into your daily diet.


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