Balancing Herbs for Airy Stress Type


(Vata Type)

NOTE: All comments below are based on the personal opinion and clinical experience of Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf and are intended to balance normal physiological function. Results vary by individual. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical or mental health condition or are taking medication, consult your doctor before using these products.

Worry Free™

Enjoy Worry Free™ and Leave Your Worries Behind

One of my most favorite supplements for worry, anxiety and mental stress is the scientifically-validated herbal formulation called Worry Free™. Worry Free has been shown to help quell anxiety and also provides great natural support for everyday stress and tension. This product contains a combination of traditional Ayurvedic herbs that help calm and focus the mind all at the same time, without sedating or making you feel dull, tired or less alert.

A pilot research study conducted at University of California San Diego* showed that anxiety and cortisol, our stress hormone, were significantly reduced in subjects taking Worry Free for three months at a double dose of two tablets twice a day, in a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

I recommend a “double” dose of two tablets twice a day, which was the dose used in the study cited above. If you are under unusual stress, you may increase the dose to two tablets three times the day. If you have taken the higher dose for a few months and are now feeling calm, 1 tablet twice a day is recommended for maintenance and prevention.

Potential Considerations: In my experience, this supplement is usually free of side-effects. This product does contain licorice root, so if you have high blood pressure or a tendency to retain fluid, be aware that it may aggravate your condition and, as always when you have a medical condition, consult your physician before taking it or any other herbal product.

Substitute: Try “Intelligence Plus” below instead, for its calming effects without any licorice root.

  • J Clin Psychopharmacol, Vol. 22, No.4, P.443, August 2002, Mills, P et al., UCSD

Intelligence Plus™ 

Are Your Anxious? Calm Yourself with Intelligence Plus™, and Maybe Get a Bit Smarter, too!

This is one of the best herbal products for calming the mind and nervous system, and one of my top two favorites, along with Worry Free™, for people with anxiety. Despite its name “Intelligence Plus,” earned in a study showing it improved IQ in students, it’s also traditionally used for calming the nervous system and reducing anxiety. In fact, I find it one of the very best for calming and focusing the mind. I have also used it in ADHD and insomnia with beneficial results.

Intelligence Plus works for all of these various conditions because it brings the mind to a calm and settled state, the ideal starting point for focusing effectively or for falling asleep. Unlike stimulants which force the body strongly into alertness, or sleeping pills which force an unnatural sleep, Ayurvedic herbal combinations work with the body, giving whatever effect is needed, to promote optimal function at any given time.

Dosage: To reduce worry or anxiety and focus the mind, I recommend 2 tablets twice a day. Again this is a double dose, which is usually needed to get noticeable results when anxiety or mental stress is problematic. Two tablets up to three times a day is fine for those desiring a greater effect, who have tolerated a lower dose well.

Potential Considerations: Usually this preparation is side-effect free, however, if you have a “fiery” nature, if you get irritable, angry or aggressive easily, you may find the valerian root in this formula irritating rather than calming. I find that a small proportion of people, perhaps 2-3 % may feel paradoxically a bit agitated for a few hours after taking herbs containing valerian root, so if you feel that applies to you, better take Stress Free Emotions™ for your anxiety instead, as that will powerfully chill your fiery mood and make you feel more like your naturally “cool, calm and collected” self.

Mind Plus™

Satisfy Your Brain’s Sweet Craving with Mind Plus™ A Sweet Drink to Calm Yourself, Guilt-Free!

This traditionally calming and focusing brain formula comes in a cane sugar syrup base, which allows the herbs to be quickly absorbed and utilized by the brain. If you crave sugar or sweets when you are under stress, and you do not need to avoid sugar entirely, this formula may be just what your brain is really asking for!

Mind Plus™ is traditionally said to calm the entire nervous system and allow the free flow of mental processes, thereby promoting “strength of mind.”

In addition, it is described as supporting greater:

  • Focus of attention
  • Patience and self-esteem
  • Memory, especially learning for the long-term

Dosage: Take 1 to 2 teaspoons after meals up to three times a day for acute stress and 1 teaspoon twice a day as a general brain, memory and learning tonic. Mind Plus™ may also be combined with any of the tablets mentioned above for a greater synergistic effect. Avoid this product if you are intolerant to sugar or wish to avoid sugar in your diet.

Vata Tea™

This is the most popular Ayurvedic tea I know of. It’s so easy to fall in love with this tea! In fact, the company has learned to make much larger batches to keep it in stock.

Vata Tea has a sweet, mellow, warm and calming flavor that gently penetrates, soothes and calms at the same time that it enlivens and fulfills. Drink “Vata Tea” every day to feel comfortable, relaxed, balanced and happy at work, at home, while traveling or wherever you are!

Vata Churna™

(spice blend or seasoning)

This is a delightful and delicious spice blend (“churna” means “mix”) that helps the Airy type stay grounded, meaning calmer, more stable and digestive-wise, with less gas, less bloating, and better elimination. It also contains anti-inflammatory ginger as well as turmeric, which also boosts immunity, is anti-cancer, anti-allergy and is great for the complexion!


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