Dr. Nancy’s Favorites for Fiery Digestive Type


(Pitta Type)

NOTE: All comments below are based on the personal opinion and clinical experience of Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, are intended to balance normal physiological function. Results vary by individual. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition or are taking medication, consult your doctor before using these products.

Aci Balance

Aci Balance is great for balancing digestive acid, whether imbalance is chronic and long-standing or just an occasional episode. This product helps buffer excess acid without obliterating helpful digestive acid as antacid drugs tend to do.

Whereas acid-stopping drugs tend to weaken digestion and create potentially serious nutritional deficiencies over time, such as B12 and minerals deficiencies with their related diseases, Aci Balance strengthens and supports digestion at the same time that it quells excessive acidity.

Dosage: The usual dose is one tablet 2-4 times a day before and/or after the meal. It can be taken both before and after meals twice a day for greater effects on longstanding symptoms, and two tablets at once as needed, if indigestion occurs.

Note: Aci Balance does have a small amount of ginger in it, which along with the other herbs, serves to promote good digestion. However, those with very strong acidity or heartburn may on occasion find that the ginger in Aci Balance is too heating and aggravates their stomach. In such a rare event, I recommend Amla Berry (link to Amla Berry on Mapi site) at two tablets 2-4 times a day as an alternative.

Herbal Digest™

Herbal Digest is also an option for those with fiery digestive type without heartburn or burning sensations but with the tendency for loose stools and occasional digestive upset. In this case, 1 to 2 tablets after lunch and dinner is the usual recommended dose.

Check Up Alert: If you have chronic acid indigestion reflux or heartburn be sure to see your physician for a checkup as chronic acid moving up into the esophagus can create a dangerous precancerous or cancer condition that can be fully prevented with proper treatment, but must be caught early!

Pitta Tea™

Drink this sweet, mellow blend to cool your body and hot temper at work, after meals and whenever you feel hot and bothered.  Its gentle flavor will temper your temper and chill your hot blood!

Pitta Churna™

(i.e. a spice blend or seasoning)

Sprinkle this flavorful, mellow and sweet spice mixture in your soup or on your sandwich or in your cooking at home to balance your stomach acids and cool down your overheated mind-body system. A great way to get anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, immune boosting turmeric (the much-lauded orange “curry” spice) into your daily diet!


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