Balancing Herbs for Airy Digestive Type


(Vata Type)

NOTE: All comments below are based on the personal opinion and clinical experience of Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf and are intended to balance normal physiological function. Results vary by individual. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition or are taking medication, consult your doctor before using these products.

Herbal Digest™

My colleagues and I have found Herbal Digest to be the best all-around herbal for improving digestion, especially in Airy Types, who are prone to gas, bloating and irregular appetite and digestion.

According to Ayurveda, Herbal Digest helps digestion in 5 different ways, including reducing gas and bloating, improving absorption, eliminating the build-up of wastes and impurities, balancing acid and enzyme production and even enhancing the sense of taste for full enjoyment and optimal digestive functioning.

Tips on Use: If greater results are needed, this formula can be taken at a double dose of 2 twice a day of 2 tablets.

Digest Tone™

If you also have sluggish elimination, consider adding the herbal combination “Digest Tone,” which provides reliable, natural support for regularity.  Daily use of ½ to 3 tablets at bedtime, or occasionally as needed, usually produces a smooth “move” the next day, through gentle, non-habit forming toning and stimulation.  A must-have for travelers and anyone prone to occasional constipation.

Vata Tea™

This is the most popular Ayurvedic tea I know of. It’s so easy to fall in love with this tea! In fact, the company has learned to make much larger batches to keep it in stock. Vata Tea has a sweet, mellow, warm and calming flavor that gently penetrates, enlivens and fulfills. Drink “Vata Tea” every day to feel comfortable, relaxed, balanced and happy wherever you are.

Vata Churna™

This is a delightful and delicious spice mix (“churna” means “mix) that helps the “Airy” digestive type stay grounded, meaning less gas, less bloating, and better elimination. It also directly supports the digestive process and contains anti-inflammatory ginger as well as turmeric. Anti-inflammatory turmeric also has immune-boosting, anti-cancer, anti-allergy and skin purifying effects.

Use Vata Churna every day to help relieve and prevent gas and bloating, digest your food better, enhance your immunity and load up on the benefits of amply antioxidants and anti-inflammatory spices. Besides all that, it makes the food taste really delicious!


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