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This Ayurvedic herb shop is designed to meet your unique mind-body needs, with products organized according to your “Type.”

Already know your Type or dosha that you need to balance? Wonderful! You can go straight to products selected especially for you. Just choose your Type from the links below and hop onto a page filled with herbals just for you. 

New to this, or not sure of your Type? Wonderful as well! Take a moment for a short quiz and jump-start your way to radiant health by discovering and balancing your unique mind-body system, wisely and profoundly.

Safety Policy on Herbals

I began using herbal products in my practice over 25 years ago and have safely used them with over 20,000 patients. Nearly all of the herbal products I have recommended throughout the years are made by Maharishi Ayurveda Products International, a U.S-based company that imports herbal products from India and has from inception has systematically testing its products for heavy metals and other contaminants . Such testing is very important to ensure purity, and should be done in the U.S. by independent labs.

MAPI has been a leader in testing its herbal products since it’s founding in 1985, sending every lot for testing for heavy metal and microbiological testing in the U.S., as well as botanical fingerprinting. In addition, every batch is also tested in India prior to exporting to this country. This is an expensive practice to uphold, but one that is essential to ensure the purity and identity of the product. Purity and safety are of the upmost importance to me as a physician and should be to you as a consumer, as well.

I have safely used the herbal products on this site for my patients for over 25 years, and am pleased to offer them now, along with customized product and lifestyle recommendations, through the self-quizzes of the Radiant You Program.

Click here to access the Radiant You program or, if you already know your “type,” click here to find the product that suits you best!

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