“Dr. Nancy is a rare physician. Most doctors practice disease-care and treat symptoms. Dr. Nancy is brilliant at both modern and ancient medicine. She truly practices balanced, professional health care.” — RC, software engineer

A personal consultation is the ideal way to get started with a healthier lifestyle and begin healing your symptoms naturally. A personal evaluation eliminates guesswork and ensures that you accurately know what your current imbalances are and how to correct them with diet, routine and beneficial herbs and supplements chosen especially for you by the doctor. Every individual is different and the highly individualized approach of a personal consultation gives you the confidence you need to fully invest yourself in the program, knowing that your valuable efforts and resources are being applied to those approaches that will give you the most benefit in the least time.

What Does A Personal Consultation Include?

Every individualize consultation includes a review of your current mental, emotional, and physical health symptoms, your health history, your daily diet, lifestyle, environmental influences, psychophysiological traits and habits, and a detailed evaluation of your mind-body function according to integrative medicine and Ayurvedic principles. If you are able to see Dr. Lonsdorf in person, a physical examination tailored to the health issues you present and in-depth, traditional Ayurvedic pulse assessment are also included.

Can I Consult with Dr. Lonsdorf by Phone or over Skype?

Yes. Dr. Lonsdorf is happy to consult with you via phone or Skype. Happily, our experience has shown that phone and Skype consultations are just as beneficial and effective as in-person consultations. Before your consultation, you will fill out a detailed online questionnaire designed by the doctor that gives her the necessary information to understand your mind-body system from the Ayurvedic perspective and to determine the imbalances that lie at the root of your health concerns.

What Health Benefits Can I Expect from the Consultation?

Improvement in chronic health symptoms and conditions you may have

  • More energy, lightness, clarity, sense of well-being, freedom from cravings
  • Greater understanding of which specific foods and daily habits are needed to help heal your conditions and which to avoid.
  • How to care for your unique mind-body system to stay healthy over the long run.
  • Weight becoming more normal—losing weight more easily, or if needed, help with gaining weight.

What Can I Expect to Gain from the Consultation?

You can expect to receive following information and recommendations from your consultation:

  • A description of your current state of balance according to Ayurveda, your dosha balance, and level of ama (accumulated metabolic waste or “toxins.”)
  • Knowledge of the lifestyle, dietary, environmental and emotional contributors to your current health issues and how to transform them into health-promoting ones
  • Insights into potential nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalances that may be contributing to your symptoms.

What Kinds of Recommendations Will I Receive?

Dr. Lonsdorf will recommend a program specifically designed for your fastest healing at this time, with recommendations drawn from the following:

  • Specific dietary recommendations to promote your healing and balancing
  • Selected herbal supplement recommendations to help heal your imbalances
  • Personalized exercise and lifestyle recommendations appropriate for your doshas
  • Stress reduction options that fit your lifestyle
  • Purification and internal cleansing approaches when appropriate
  • Recommendations for specialized laboratory tests, if appropriate, including nutritional status, hormonal balance, GI function, stool tests for parasites or other imbalanced flora, the presence of toxins, detoxification ability, heavy metals, immune function, antioxidant status, lipid panels, and nutrition for stronger immunity.
  • Any specific tests that you should request of your primary care practitioner or specialist.

Dr. Lonsdorf may also advise further evaluation by your primary care practitioner or a specialist if she feels further standard medical diagnostic tests and investigation is needed.

Will Dr. Lonsdorf Recommend Blood Tests or Other Diagnostic Tests?

The doctor may also recommend specific bloodwork or other medical tests and/or nutritional or hormonal testing if indicated. These tests can usually be done either through your local health care provider, a local laboratory or hospital or through Dr. Lonsdorf’s office, depending on the test. Fees for testing are additional and billed separately.

“Dr. Nancy raises the bar for competence, compassion and caring. She completely embodies a highly realized human being. Her consciousness really moves me. Her training, experience, and skill are very special and her work is life transforming.” — R.S., meditation teacher, wife and mother

To fill out the appropriate questionnaires and to download Dr. Nancy’s “Practice Brochure” with more information, click here

Topics included in the Practice Brochure are:

  • What does this practice offer?
  • Does Dr. Lonsdorf only see women in her practice?
  • What kinds of conditions does your practice address?
  • What does Dr. Lonsdorf’s practice NOT address?
  • What types of therapies will be recommended for my health condition(s)?
  • What can I expect from a consultation with Dr. Lonsdorf?
  • Will Dr. Lonsdorf be my primary care physician?
  • Can I get a prescription for blood-work or nutritional testing from Dr. Lonsdorf?
  • Does Dr. Lonsdorf address psychological and emotional issues and disorders in her practice?
  • What can your coaching program do for me?
  • What days are available for appointments?
  • What should I bring to my consultation?
  • Do I need to schedule another appointment to go over lab results with the doctor after I have a blood-test or other test done?
  • Will you call me when the test results return?
  • Is follow-up help after my consultation included?
  • Additional Charges (Administrative requests, Doctor’s letters, etc)
  • Does Dr. Lonsdorf accept health insurance?
  • Does Dr. Lonsdorf Accept Medicare?
  • How do I Pay for Telephone Sessions?
  • What Payment Options are Available?
  • How can I keep my appointment time down to a minimum? I am on a tight budget.
  • Appointment Confirmation
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