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The Ageless Woman

Menopause and Over 40

Natural medicine expert, Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, presents a highly individualized, practical handbook, rich in health tips, weight-control strategies, and treasured beauty secrets from Maharishi Ayurveda, the complete system of natural medicine from the Vedic tradition of ancient India.

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A Woman's Best Medicine

Childbearing age and under 40

A complete natural health manual for women in child bearing age. Includes Ayurvedic understanding and recommendations for a balanced menstrual cycle, fertility, pregnancy and post-partum care.

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Self Healing Guide

Natural, Ayurvedic, Self-Care

In this booklet, Dr. Lonsdorf has drawn upon all her experience for the last 25 years, including more than twenty thousand patients, to structure a practical and effective introduction to the healing principles of Maharishi Ayurveda. This booklet is for those who wish to take control of their health in their day to day life. This booklet will provide you with the knowledge you are searching for to naturally and systematically fulfill your health goals.

Available as PDF ebook for $29.95 (Your free gift upon download: "Radiant You™ Ageless Beauty and Skin Care for Your Type" - PDF)

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