Get Squeaky Clean and Fresh!

Ever notice that around the equinox at the end of March, you may feel a little “off,” fatigued, less hungry, or even feel a subtle “flow” in your system? Good! Ayurveda describes that ama or impurities deep in the body begin to loosen and “flow” out this time of year, not unlike the snow on a mountain melts and begins to trickle down towards the plains.

It’s spring and your body knows it! According to timeless Ayurvedic wisdom, these bodily shifts are Nature’s version of “spring cleaning,” and we can take advantage of this innate cycle by adjusting our diet and lifestyle during this time.

More than simply an interesting idea, a landmark study published in Nature Communications last May validates that our genes themselves change expression depending on the season, with over 5000, nearly 25% of those tested, varying seasonally.

As a result, for example, inflammatory tendencies are greater in the winter, while immunity is stronger in the summer (notice how rarely we get a July cold?!)

And very likely we are now only a few years away from “learning” in a future study that every spring, genes that enhance detoxification and elimination are especially active, validating the Ayurvedic wisdom yet again.

So what should you do now in light of this fascinating and important fact of your seismic seasonal genomic shift?? Take advantage of it!

Here are your Quick-Detox Tips for 2016 (Do now! Your detox genes are up and ready. A 6-week course is ideal, but even a week or two will help.)

And finally, follow your body’s inclination for more rest, which itself aids detox. Go to bed early and spend time with family, friends, and hobbies—which will also mellow out any accompanying emotional detox — and take some time to laze around. After all, Spring has sprung!

Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, MD

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