Ayurvedic Herbs: Gotu Kola

Would you ever imagine there could be a coffee substitute that helps with mental alertness while it smooths your wrinkles? We can thank Mother Nature for Gotu Kola, a versatile brain tonic that also strengthens and nourishes the skin. In this video, Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf gives a brief explanation of what the herb is, the effects it has and the interesting correlation between the brain and the skin.

Gotu Kola is most commonly know as a memory enhancer. While it does have positive effects on the brain it also has positive effects elsewhere. It turns out that the nerves in the brain and the skin have a very special connection. Not surprising if you consider how much stress can influence both our minds and our skin!

While our stress hormone, cortisol, causes collagen breakdown, Gotu Kola promotes collagen growth, so along with greater mental clarity and alertness, this amazing herb actually delivers healthier, youthful skin.

Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf recommends drinking Gotu Kola tea instead of coffee, to avoid the caffeine– another collagen-buster– and naturally boost your mental energy. Tomorrow morning, skip the joe and reach for the “go” of Gotu Kola– you’ll perk up and look younger for it!

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Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, MD

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